OVM-MZF Multi-Zone Cold-Frozen Food Machine



  • Firstly, a Programmable LED credit display. Also, and an Attractive Black Diamond styling with a point-of-sale window
  • Secondly, Standard peripheral opening for additional payment or POS systems
  • Thirdly, a Back-lighted keypad with Braille identification. Also, the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Ready
  • Fourthly, MDB supports all industry-standard devices including cash, coin, and debit. Also, a credit systems
  • Additionally, DEX data output support
  • Also, Full-featured controller with sales and accounting:
  • – More So, Price setting by the selection, row, or machine
  • –However, Free vend and Combo vend modes
  • –Additionally, Flexible space for selection sets. Also, Time of day discounting
  • – Also, Time of day shutdown modes for energy savings. However, and secured vend times
  • – Additionally, Programmable coupon and token values
  • – Also, Coin and bill rejection rate counts
  • – Additionally, Accountability is displayed by the selection, row, or machine
  • – Also, Talker device support for sight impaired (Talker not included)
  • Additionally, Motor pairing is capable


Selections & Capacity: 28 Selections Standard & 320 Items
Selection Pricing: An individual from $0 to $655.35
Payment Systems: Premium Electronic Coin Mechanism; $1 & $5 Bill Validator
Electrical Requirements: 115 VAC/60Hz, 13 AMPS (230 VAC/50Hz, 6.5 AMPS
Refrigeration: Environmentally Friendly Super 5/8 HP, R-404a Closed System
Dimensions: Height 72(183 cm) Width 29.5 (75 cm) Depth 38 (97 cm)
Actual Weight: 725 lbs. (328 kg)
Standard Features: Black Diamond Styling Package, iVend Delivery Sensor System, LED lighting, Heated Glass, High-Efficiency Modular Refrigeration System, Motor Pairing Capabilities
Options: Credit/Debit Card Reader
Shipping Weight: 800 lbs.
Shipping Length: 48″
Shipping Width: 48″
Shipping Height: 72″