OVM-VendRevv Food-Beverage 28 Selection – Soft Elevator Delivery


Firstly, OVM-VendRevv Food-Beverage 28 Selection – Soft Elevator Delivery. Four shelves for food products and one shelf for assorted beverages. However, buy vending machines online and also vending machines for sale.

Also, With the latest in vending technology and the sleek styling of OVM-VendRevv machines, the OVM-VendRevv Elevator Chill Center 28 Select (Food/Drink) features a soft product delivery elevator and a large delivery bin. However, This feature makes this vending machine capable of vending fragile food and beverages with various product packing shapes and sizes.

Furthermore, Offering up to 28 unique product selections and configurable trays, the OVM-VendRevv Elevator Chill Center 28 Select (Food/Drink) offers maximum product versatility. Therefore, This includes boxed drinks, cans, and more. It also offers optimal product rotation through First-In-First-Out (FIFO) product merchandising. Also, we have used vending machines for sale and cheap vending machines for sale too.


Selections: 28 Standard Items
Capacity: 95 Food Items; 54 Beverage
Selection Pricing: Individual from $0.00 to $9,999.95
Payment Systems:

Data Communication:

All industry standard MDB compatible devices.


Electrical Requirements: 115 VAC/60HZ, 5.5 AMPS (6.5 AMPS with Heated Glass Option On)
Refrigeration: Super 1/3 HP, R-134a or R-513a System (SNAP Compliant)
Standard Features: OVM-VendRevv Styling Package, LED Lighting, iVend Sensor System, Can & Bottle Tray,  Motor Pairing Capability, and much more
Dimensions: Height 72(183 cm) Width 41 (104 cm) Depth 38 (97 cm)
Actual Weight: 831 lbs.
Shipping Weight: 831 lbs.
Shipping Length: 48″
Shipping Width: 48″
Shipping Height: 76″